BioComplex from Ekogea

Microbes are everywhere – they rule the natural world.  Ekogea’s BioComplex is a 100% natural certified organic feed ingredient or additive.  It improves microbial performance greatly benefitting the following areas of farming

Animal Health - Poultry & Pigs

Chicks Feeding

BioComplex Feed improves gut health and animal growth rates. It also reduces FCR, ammonia output and pathogens. This leads to a reduced disease burden, lower farm mortality levels, lower FCRs and overall healthier animals. 

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Sanitisation & Health

pigs in a pen

BioComplex Sanitiser combats farm and environmental pathogens by boosting positive microbes and promoting competitive exclusion within the animal house environment.

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Anaerobic Digestion

Lower Drayton biogas plant

BioComplex additive provides an increase in biogas production and methane concentration. It also substantially reduces the amount of H2S, feedstock needed on site and retention times.

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Waste Water Treatment

Seaweed extract

BioComplex speeds up WWT processes, reduces COD and odour. The process is free from mechanical pumps, working with natural gravity.

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