Significant rewards are being gained by UK broiler farmers after using Ekogea UK’s natural pre-biotic feed ingredient, BioComplex.

Jamie Hatch from KB Products, Cornwall, has worked with Ekogea on his broiler farm over the past 12 months to improve the health and welfare of his chickens and the productivity of his farm as a whole. The work has transformed his already high performing farm and has paid for itself seven times over.

Jamie Hatch said, “I have been a broiler farmer for many years and I have never seen such a difference in my birds’ performance by the introduction of just one new product before. The addition of BioComplex has put my birds in a position to take advantage of every other positive opportunity they have to grow, convert, live and be A grade.”

Goran Dordic, Ekogea’s founder, said, “As a result of feeding Ekogea’s BioComplex to their chickens through the water feeding system, farmers will notice significantly better-looking birds, reduced mortality and rejects as well as a reduction in ammonia and disease.”

Ekogea also claims that improved FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) and available meat yield will underpin profitability. The organic certified BioComplex products are environmentally friendly and should result in better quality meat, not least since anecdotally BioComplex fed birds have reduced veterinary interventions and anti-biotic treatment. This is borne out by a recent independent study by St David’s Vets where they note: ‘The control [untreated] sheds had to be treated for enteritis with antibiotics whilst the [BioComplex] trial sheds were unaffected.’

Ekogea’s Biocomplex is a proprietary marine algae derived ‘pre-biotic’ and micro-biological performance enhancer and alongside a sister BioComplex Shed Sanitistion product (BCxS) acts to improve the health of animals and the environment within which they grow. BioComplex is proven to work effectively in the animal’s digestive system to promote good biome gut health, resulting in improved animal health, disease resistance, an improved FCR and reduced mortality as well as reduced ammonia emissions with lower enteric problems.

KB Products has worked closely with its vet, Richard Jackson, of St David’s Vets, who has been monitoring the progress of feeding the BioComplex additive to the broiler sheds. Richard Jackson said, “BioComplex is excellent at supporting gut health and therefore growth and performance on farms where management is good.”

Using the experience gained at KB Products, as well as advice from St David’s Vets team, Ekogea are now working with poorer performing broiler farms with a particular focus on maximising the animal housing sanitisation benefits of BCxS. Spraying BCxS in sheds before filling will help reduce the pathogen levels in the sheds before the birds arrive and, when used cumulatively, should improve the overall health of the shed and enable the birds to take advantage of good management. Combined with Ekogea’s core BioComplex feed additive product, the aim is to help lower-performing farms produce healthier birds, with less disease and improved profits.

Following strong results in the UK, Ekogea are now exporting BioComplex to partners in Australia and elsewhere. The initial Australian results from a 300,000 bird broiler farm have been very encouraging. A wider roll-out across Australia and South Africa is anticipated.

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