Ekogea is pleased to announce the launch of a ground-breaking UK farm based Biogas project using Ekogea process enhancement technology and BioComplex (BCx) additive.  At over 2MW the anaerobic digestion plant will utilise a range of farm waste and agri-feedstocks (including dairy slurry, chicken litter, straw and maize).  Following Ekogea’s 2019 World Biogas Association award for “Best Farm based AD Project <1MW”, Ekogea is prepared to guarantee that its technology package and BCx pre-biotic performance enhancing additive will produce significantly more gas than typical feedstock gas yields. Ekogea is delighted also to have committed to a minimum ten year Biological O&M Services Agreement which envisages close co-operation with the O&M provider to ensure we optimise gas yields and efficiency of the new plant.