BioComplex Feed Ingredient for Pigs and Poultry

BioComplex Feed Ingredient, when administered to pigs and poultry via drinking water or granulate, gives both increased weight gain and a large reduction in ammonia and hydrogen sulphide in faeces, resulting in healthier and stronger animals.

Improving Pig Health and Performance

Improved Feed Conversion Ratio

Improved gut health leads to more effective utilisation of available nutrients in the feed. This improvement in Feed Conversion leads to higher weight gains in both the grower and finishing stages leading to either greater final weights or more batches per year through existing accommodation.

feed conversion ratio

Greater Transfer Weights

BioComplex Feed for Pigs improves the efficiency with which nutrients are absorbed by the pig.

This, combined with a reduction in the challenges of undesirable bacteria and toxins within the animal and an improved environment, leads to pigs being treated with BioComplex to gain weight faster.

This results in either reaching target weight more quickly or leading to higher weight for a fixed time within the farm system.

Transfer weights

Lower Mortality Rates

Farms using BioComplex Feed for Pigs have seen reductions in mortality. BioComplex acts by promoting competitive exclusion, greatly increasing the number and diversity of beneficial gut organisms and suppressing undesirable organisms, so making pigs less susceptible to enteric disorders. This also leads to lower medication use.

Reduced ammonia levels in the slurry means a healthier environment for both pigs and stockpersons. This adds to the overall general health of the pigs.

lower mortality rates

Improved Slurry Handling

Ekogea’s BioComplex Feed for Pigs reduces the levels of gaseous ammonia and hydrogen sulphide in slurry in both housing and when spread to field.

The gelling effect of BioComplex Feed makes the slurry more homogenous and reduces the level of crusting and sedimentation in the tanks.

As a result, it is much easier to handle and the slurry tanks easier to empty. This all helps meet the increasing demands of the EA, NRW and SEPA as well as compliance with the government’s Clean Air Strategy 2019.

improved slurry handling


“Taking all the benefits of BioComplex into account, including improved weight gain and food conversion ratios, lower mortality and improved general health, farms can expect to double their investment on each batch treated.”

South West Pig Farmer

“Since using BioComplex Feed ingredient, bird health has improved with increased bird weights and lower farm mortality. This is in addition to an improved Feed Conversion Rate. The financial returns have far outweighed the cost of the product.”

South West Poultry Farmer

“The addition of Ekogea’s BioComplex in our link and grower diets has led to a marked improvement in FCR, a halving of mortality and an increase in pig weight leaving the grower unit. The added bonus of a more homogenous, slurry means it now takes half the time and energy required to empty the pits. BioComplex has repaid our investment many times over and is now an essential addition to our feed rations.”

UK Pig Farmer at Finishing Farm

“By adding Ekogea’s BioComplex Feed ingredient to our bird’s water in selected sheds over several crops, we have seen improvements on feed conversion and growth rates in the majority of those sheds. This has given us the equivalent of up to an extra two days of weight gain per crop over the control sheds.”

Devon-based Broiler Farmer

Improving Bird Health and Performance

Improved Bird Peformance

BioComplex Feed for Poultry ingredient improves feed conversion rates (FCRs) and daily live weight gain. High performing farms see up to a 4% increase in clearance weights and greater increases have been seen in birds grown in older poultry houses.

Improved growth rates mean less time to reach target weights. Crop cycles have shortened by up to 2 days.

Better Bird Health

BioComplex Feed ingredient works as a prebiotic in the lower gut of birds. It ‘competitively excludes’ the bad microbes and encourages the proliferation and production of good microbes.

BioComplex Feed ingredient reduces the amount of ammonia birds emit on farm and into the environment. General improvement in bird health and lower ammonia emissions result in lower levels of hock burn and pododermatitis.

Helping Adhere to Tighter Compliance

Lower ammonia emissions help to reduce the impact on climate change and also meet the demands of the Environment Agency (EA), Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

BioComplex helps poultry resist infection from pathogens and toxins. Farms have seen a significant reduction in the use of antibiotic treatments when using it.


For a more detailed look at how BioComplex Feed ingredient can help the health and performance of your animals, please download the following documents.

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