BioComplex for Equine Bedding

BioComplex for Equine Bedding is a 100% organic, natural product that reduces ammonia and pathogen levels in stable bedding.

Benefits of BioComplex BOOST for Equine Bedding

Ekogea’s BioComplex BOOST for Equine Bedding reduces pathogens and ammonia in stables.  Benefits include:

Healthier Environment for Horses and Riders

BioComplex Equine bedding is applied to the bedding or to the stable itself as a mist or spray. It creates a cleaner stable and healthier horses by reducing the level of ammonia in the bedding. Ammonia can cause  respiratory issues so a reduction in this improves the stable health

Our unique manufacturing process extracts two key elements from within the cells of the seaweed – a natural organic acid and some simple sugars.

The organic acid reduces pathogens and converts ammonia gas into odourless ammonium crystals in the stable, reducing the odour, insects and respiratory disease challenge.

Stables treated with BioComplex for Equine Bedding benefit the environment with reduced levels of ammonia and a healthier atmosphere for your horses and for riders.

Clinically Proven to Reduce Pathogens

Simultaneously simple sugars feed the ‘good’ microbes and encourage them to ‘out compete’ the pathogens.

Laboratory tests carried out according to EN1656, EN1657, EN14204, EN14349, EN16437, EN16438, EN14476 and EN14675 have shown that by spraying BioComplex for Equine Bedding on surfaces, common pathogens including staphylococcus and pseudomonas are reduced by 99.99%.

Less Odour and Fewer Flies

As it gets to work BioComplex also acts as a boost to the positive microbes and promotes the concept of competitive exclusion within the stable environment.

Competitive exclusion is defined as two species competing for the same critical resources within an environment, with one of them eventually outcompeting and displacing the other.

It has a cumulative effect so pathogen levels reduce within the stable on successive applications creating a healthier environment, a reduction in odour and fewer flies.

Easy & Safe To Apply

It is a natural product and completely safe to apply while horses are present.

Diluted at a ratio of 1:200 (1 part BioComplex to 200 parts water), BioComplex for Equine Bedding can be sprayed by hand or with a mechanical sprayer.

Ideally it should be sprayed on the floor, underneath mats and on the walls of the stable when completing a ‘deep clean’ and then daily on the bedding as part of the general cleansing operation. 

It can be safely added with other disinfection products (phenols, aldehydes, etc) as part of a cleaning application or added to the bedding material during loading or sprayed directly onto it after it is spread in the stables. 

Applying BioComplex is safe and requires no safety equipment.  You can expect noticeable results within just 1 to 2 hours of the first application.

An investment of around of just 50p per week will make a significant impact on a single stable.

Sustainably Sourced

BioComplex for Equine Bedding is a 100% organic, natural product derived from responsibly sourced and Biodynamic accredited marine algae.

Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming making sure the harvesting of our marine algae is sensitive to the climate.

Less Waste & Better Compost

A positive side effect is that old bedding and horse manure will compost more quickly when sprayed with BioComplex so there will be significantly less bedding and manure to dispose of.

However, the plant available nitrogen within the compost remains the same so it increases its value as a fertiliser.

It also reduces leaching and helps landowners comply with new standards from the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Case Study - Mid Wales Equine Farm 2020


In May 2020, a mid Wales stable owner conducted a trial by applying BioComplex Equine Bedding to the stable block. This consisted of two stables with a concrete floor overlaid with rubber matting and a small quantity of wood chip laid as bedding. 


BioComplex Equine Bedding was diluted with water at a rate of 1:200 and applied with a hand held sprayer. Around 100mls of water were sprayed into each stable every day representing about 0.5ml of BioComplex per stable per day.


First application – odour removed within an hour, small flies no longer present. Top up application – daily to maintain odour and insect free stables at the same quantity. 

Trial 1 – No spray applied

Odour continued with a number of small flies, 

Trial 2 – Bleach fluid applied

Odour of bleach fluid and fewer flies, 

Trial 3 – BioComplex for Equine Bedding spray

No odour and no flies. 

As a result of Trial 3, BioComplex was sprayed onto the yard and muck heap resulting in a reduced number of flies there as well. 

On the first application of BioComplex Equine Bedding the odour was removed within a short period of time and small flies were no longer present. 

A ‘top up’ application was applied daily at the same quantity to maintain the odour reduction and to keep the stables insect free.

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