BioComplex PLUS for Pigs

Ekogea’s BioComplex PLUS for Pigs is a 100% natural Marine Algae (Seaweed) feed ingredient processed in a unique way so it has a positive effect upon many of the key performance criteria in growing and finishing pigs.

Replacement for Zinc Oxide

With the ban on the use of Zinc Oxide coming into force in December 2021, BioComplex Feed continues to show highly effective results in replacing zinc oxide in both creep and link diets of piglets and weaners.

Improved gut health at this early stage of life vastly reduces incidents of scouring and leads to healthier and more productive batches.

Trials have seen a significant improvement in the firmness of the pig dung which makes this easier to manage and indicates the pigs are absorbing and converting the feed more efficiently.

Get Paid For Your Slurry

Pig Slurry can be treated on the farm using Ekogea’s BioConcentrator technology, making the resultant digestate easier to handle and store, and a valuable input feed for Anaerobic Digesters meaning you can get paid for for pig slurry.

Reduction in Ammonia

Pigs fed with BioComplex Feed Ingredient produce less gaseous ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. 

The slurry produced has significantly more plant-available phosphates which helps farms to comply with strict regulations on emissions and slurry spreading and reduce fertiliser input costs.

Increasing Profitability

Improved gut health leads to more effective utilisation of available nutrients in the feed.

This improvement in Feed Conversion leads to higher weight gains in both the grower and finishing stages leading to either greater final weights or more batches per year through existing accommodation.

Reduction in Antibiotic Use

Farms using BioComplex Feed for Pigs have seen reductions in mortality. BioComplex acts by promoting competitive exclusion, greatly increasing the number and diversity of beneficial gut organisms and suppressing undesirable organisms, so making pigs less susceptible to enteric disorders. This also leads to lower medication use.

Better Environment for Pigs and Farmers

Reduced ammonia levels in the slurry means a healthier environment for both pigs and stock persons.  This adds to the overall general health of the pigs.

How Does BioComplex For Pigs Work?

Administered within existing feed lines, our BioComplex Feed Ingredient significantly improves the balance of microbes in the gut which are vital to the overall health of the pig.

Microbial Diversity In The Gut

Microbial diversity is key to efficient feed conversion and nutrient assimilation.

The use of Ekogea’s BioComplex enables beneficial microbes to naturally outcompete pathogens, promoting competitive exclusion.

A healthier balance of gut organisms strengthens the epithelial cells lining the gut wall, preventing undesirable organisms crossing this vital barrier, therefore reducing “leaky gut”,  a significant cause of diarrhoea.

Unique Extraction Process

The ability to promote competitive exclusion is due to the unique way in which BioComplex is processed, which leaves high levels of available natural organic acid and sugars. 

Two key elements act together to improve the gut biome:


These are simple sugars which encourage an increase in the number and diversity of beneficial organisms within the gut. The treated nature of BioComplex makes these more available to the animal and thus a healthier gut biome is created.

Polyuronic Acids

These provide a natural protection against toxins and pathogens and act as a buffer to prevent them being absorbed by the gut. It has a high capacity for ion exchange which buffers metals and toxins. Positively charged metals and toxins are attracted to the Polyuronic Acid and are chelated and buffered, reducing their undesirable effects. 

The compounds are negatively charged and so are attracted to the positively charged cell walls of the gut.  As a result, they provide a natural barrier to pathogens getting into the cell wall.

How Does This Reduce Ammonia?

An additional benefit of BioComplex is its ability to chemically convert the toxic gaseous ammonia in the faeces into a non-toxic crystalline ammonium.

The Polyuronic Acids chemically alter the form in which ammonia and sulphur dioxide are held from a gaseous to crystalline form, reducing airborne contamination and odour.

This improves the environment within the house by reducing odour and ammonia volatisation, providing a healthier environment for both pigs and stockpersons.

Why Is BioComplex Better?

Ekogea’s BioComplex is ‘treated algae’ as opposed to ‘untreated algae’.

Treated algae means the cells and cell walls of Ascophyllum Nodosum are broken down during the production process and the trace elements, proteins and minerals extracted in a purer form for use in the gut of the animal.

Importantly, no acids are used in the extraction process leaving the simplest sugars available which are absorbed more easily in the gut.

For untreated algae (normal seaweed based products) the cell walls are not broken down in the same way so the trace elements, proteins and minerals remain trapped inside the cells and are less available for use in the gut.


“Taking all the benefits of BioComplex into account, including improved weight gain and food conversion ratios, lower mortality and improved general health, farms can expect to double their investment on each batch treated.”

South West Pig Farmer

“The addition of Ekogea’s BioComplex in our link and grower diets has led to a marked improvement in FCR, a halving of mortality and an increase in pig weight leaving the grower unit. The added bonus of a more homogenous, slurry means it now takes half the time and energy required to empty the pits. BioComplex has repaid our investment many times over and is now an essential addition to our feed rations.”

UK Pig Farmer at Finishing Farm

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