BioComplex Sanitiser for Poultry

BioComplex Sanitiser is a natural product derived from marine algae using a unique scientific process. When applied to the bedding or to animal housing as a fogging spray, BioComplex Sanitiser helps reduce ammonia in the sheds and faeces which in turn improves the environment of the house.

Reducing ammonia levels and pathogens in bedding and housing

Ammonia molecule

50% Reduction in Ammonia in Faeces

Low Hockburn Levels

Improved Bird Health

Available Nitrogen

Higher Available Nitrogen in Litter

EA, NRW, SEPA logos

Assists with EA, NRW & SEPA Compliance

"By adding Ekogea’s BioComplex Feed ingredient to our bird’s water in selected sheds over several crops, we have seen improvements in food conversion and growth rates in the majority of those sheds. This has given us the equivalent of up to an extra two days of weight gain per crop over the control sheds" SC, Broiler Farmer, Devon
"When we used BioComplex Feed ingredient in our sheds we were astounded by the huge reduction of Pododermatitis and hockburn" GP - Shropshire Farmer
“Since using BioComplex Feed ingredient, bird health has improved with increased bird weights and lower farm mortality. This is in addition to an improved feed conversion rate. The financial gains have far outweighed the cost of the product” South West Poultry Farmer

How Do You Use BioComplex Sanitiser Outside the Birdhouse?

The resulting faeces have greatly reduced levels of ammonia giving further improvements in health from an improved environment. In treated broiler flocks farmers have seen greatly lowered levels of hock burn and pododermatitis. Using competitive exclusion, BioComplex Sanitiser reduces pathogen levels resulting in cleaner sheds and healthier birds.

How Do You Use BioComplex Sanitiser Outside the Birdhouse?

Reduced volatile ammonia in the exhaust air has further implications;

  1. The Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, and Scottish Environment Protection Agency are all tasked with lowering ammonia emissions from intensive agriculture and have closed down some existing farms sites and refused planning for others on the basis of airborne ammonia.
  2. Concern with ammonia levels from stored and spread litter. BCxS treated litter has a lower environmental impact, with reduced levels of volatile ammonia when stored and spread, and reduced leaching, assisting EA, NRW, and SEPA compliance.
  3. Total nitrogen within the bedding remains the same, however plant available nitrogen increases providing greater value as a fertiliser or as a feedstock for anaerobic digestors.

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FEMAS Accreditation


Ekogea’s BioComplex Feed Ingredient is fully accredited under FEMAS regulations for production quality and excellence.

UFAS Accreditation


Ekogea’s BioComplex Feed Ingredient is fully accredited under UFAS regulations for production quality and excellence.

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Certified Organic

EKOGEA’s full product line is certified ORGANIC under the European Economic Community EEC 2381/94, EG 8342007, and EG8992008 which governs organic production, labelling and control of animal and human feedstuffs. All of EKOGEA’s products can be sold and used in the eco-systems of agriculture in all member states of the European Community without special permission.

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