BioComplex for Poultry

Ekogea’s BioComplex feed for Poultry is a 100% natural Marine Algae (Seaweed) feed ingredient processed in a unique way so it has a positive effect upon many of the key performance criteria in broiler farms, hatcheries and layers:

Improving the Health and Growth of Poultry

Chicks Feeding

BioComplex Feed for Poultry (Wet and Granulate)

Feeding birds for health and weight gain.

chicks house view

BioComplex Sanitiser for Poultry Bedding & Housing

Treatment for animal housing reduces ammonia and pathogens.

"When we used BioComplex Feed ingredient in our sheds, we were astounded by the huge reduction in Pododermatitis and hockburn" - Shropshire based farmer
"Since using BioComplex Feed ingredient, bird health has improved with increased bird weights and lower farm mortality. This is in addition to an improved Feed Conversion Rate. The financial returns have far outweighed the cost of the product." - South West based poultry farmer
"By adding Ekogea's BioComplex Feed ingredient to our bird's water in selected sheds over several crops, we have seen improvements on feed conversion and growth rates in the majority of those sheds. This has given us the equivalent of up to an extra two days of weight gain per crop over the control sheds." - Devon based broiler farmer

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