What Is BioComplex?

Where there is life, microbes are at work, breaking down waste and building up nutrients. All biological processes and many industries depend on how well microbes perform. Ekogea’s BioComplex underpins life by feeding and protecting the microbes in their ‘hosts’ and in the environment.

Supporting the microbes that do this work is complex but we make it simple. Wherever the environment is wet and warm, BioComplex assures efficiency and beneficial biological activity. BioComplex works in waste, in the gut, in soil, water and on skin – wherever microbes live and work.

So, whether it is supplying feed to animals, growing crops, cleaning waste water or producing energy from waste materials microbes make it happen and Ekogea’s BioComplex improves the natural process.

BioComplex Product Range

BioComplex Sanitiser

BioComplex Sanitiser is applied to bedding or animal housing in spray or misted form.  It improves animal welfare by reducing gaseous ammonia output, improving litter condition and pododermatitis and hock burn levels.

BioComplex Feed Ingredient

BioComplex Feed is a fully certified organic, 100% natural feed additive administered through drinking water that increases weight gain, improves gut health, animal welfare, and reduces ammonia and hydrogen sulphide in manure (faeces). It is also has FEMAS and UFAS accreditation and can be incorporated into compound rations.

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BioComplex for Crops

BioComplex for Crops helps activate, feed, and protect microbial populations responsible for rebuilding soil eco-systems leading to higher yields, improved resistance to pests and disease, and long term soil structure benefits.

Better Soils

What Does BioComplex Do?

Ekogea’s solution has BioComplex at its heart. There are a number of different product versions, all 100% natural and all having specific applications in such areas as Anaerobic Digestion, Waste Water Treatment and Agriculture particularly animal health crops and soil.

BioComplex is a superior growth formula derived from marine algae providing rich ‘accessible’ food for microbes. It feeds and protects microbes using natural biological mechanisms accelerated by virtue of Ekogea’s unique process:

  1. BioComplex provides huge ion exchange capacity via its organic polyuronic acid content;
  2. Compounds and elements harmful to digestion and biological processes are buffered whilst sugar rich oligosaccharides feed active microbes to enhance proliferation and biological stability;
  3. The high pH level in BioComplex reduces ammonia levels (NH₃ becomes NH₄) and H₂S (becomes elemental Sulphur);
  4. The protection of anaerobes improves the environment without chemicals and in the case of Animal Health it reduces the incidence of disease, antibiotic use and mortality;
  5. There are no live bacteria or enzymes added; this is due to the hostile environment in the intestine where a very low survival rate of any introduced bacteria is likely, consequently we adopt the prebiotic approach to enhance the existing good bacteria.
  6. The overall impact is improved biological performance

How Does BioComplex Achieve This?

How does BioComplex Work?

Ion Exchange

Polyuronic acid provides ion exchange which paves the way for microbial diversity in the gut microbiome.

This improves animal health by reducing impediments like ammonia and disease challenge which helps reduce antibiotic usage.

In the real world, enhanced microbiology is optimised with the benefit of ion exchange.

chemical element in atom form

Unique Food for Microbes

Oligosaccharides offer microbes an ideal food rarely found in nature.

Trace minerals and micro-nutrients also do their part.


Gel-Like Matrix

The physical gelling property of BioComplex evenly distributes nutrients which promotes healthy and diverse microbial colonies, in situ, where they do their work – in the gut, in soil or waste, in biogas plants and elsewhere….

gel like matrix

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