We’re proud to announce the results of our most recent case study in Poultry Farming.  This time our BCxF additive has added an “essential” contribution to the health and wellbeing of a free range poultry farm in Devon, in the South West of the UK.

Our 100% natural product helped, amongst other benefits, to alleviate the issues of Podo in this high rainfall region, leaving healthier, happier birds.  Check out the full case study below…

Poultry Case Study

Free Range Poultry Farm – Devon

Free Range Chickens

This well run Devon based Free Range Poultry Farm rears a total of 49,000 free range birds per crop for Hook 2 Sisters. The site has very high rainfall ( around 48“ per annum) which poses big challenges for Cocci and Podo with a free range bird.

The farmer has invested significantly in equipment and strategies over the last few years to improve the health of the chickens and the overall efficiency of the Farm. These include the installation of biomass heating, humidity management, the use of green sawdust bedding and investment in improving water quality.

For the last 12 months he has dosed the birds with Ekogea’s BioComplex (BCxF) additive, dosed at a rate of 1:10,000 through the water lines. This has enhanced the health of the chickens further with three distinct advantages seen from its use.


Rejects – year on year the level of rejects have halved from 0.51% to 0.22%- both of which are very good numbers. The combination of improved water quality and dosing with BCxF have produced this.

– the level of Podo has reduced significantly from an already impressive average figure of 17.72% a year ago to an average 2.74% since using Ekogea’s BCx.

– improvement throughout the year especially in recent crops where the farm is starting to trend scores above 200.


The farmer Les Heywood is delighted with the overall improvement in the farm performance and believe Ekogea’s BioComplex has played an important part in this.


”The direct benefits of using Bio-complex F may initially appear subtle, but its contribution to the overall health of the farm has now made it an essential part of our management in providing an optimum environment for chickens to thrive.”


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