BioComplex For Anaerobic Digestion

If your goals for anaerobic digestion are maximising biogas for energy, completely eliminating waste, or generating rich fertiliser for crop vitality, Ekogea provides a full range of natural and organic solutions.

It can be adopted by existing AD Plants using a dosing mechanism and protocol or added as part of the process to build into new AD Plants.

Increasing the Efficiency of Anaerobic Digestion with BioComplex

Ekogea’s unique process for Anaerobic Digestion provides the following benefits:


Our complete anaerobic digestion process can complete the digestion process to fully clean waste, or halt the process to provide highest-quality NPK nutrients for land application – all on a sliding scale – depending on what is desired and when.


A 12-day process at mesophilic temperatures, or an 8-day process at thermophilic, our system dramatically reduces retention time.  This means smaller tanks and lower capital costs.

Greater Output Yields

Our complete process makes biogas at 80+% methane – unprecedented in the industry. More methane = more profit!

This enables Farms to comply more easily with the new regulations for spreading slurry to land and in some cases can release land for sale.

No Organic Digestate

If the headaches of digestate storage, transport and marketing is your issue, we can digest organic content down to a very small amount of completely mineralised, sand-like material which requires no further treatment.

Clean Recycled Water

Effluent from our process is grey water suitable for direct release to watercourses, irrigation or re-use, so full cleaning and waste elimination is a genuine option.

How BioComplex for AD Works

Volatile fatty acid (VFA) destruction is enhanced and elements harmful to the AD process are buffered preventing them affecting the digestion process.  BioComplex breaks down VFA’s to feed beneficial microbes the simple organic acids they require.


BioComplex allows microbes to flourish in waste and promotes “good microbes” over harmful pathogenic microbes.  As a result, BioComplex improves the digestion environment, speeds the digestion process and CH4 concentration.


By increasing VSD, BioComplex makes more carbon available whilst increasing the available C/N.  At the same time it reduces BOD/COD, ammonia (NHbecomes NH4) and H2S (H2S becomes elemental sulphur).

STEP 1 - Pretreatment of AD Feedstock

A mechanical ‘pre-treatment’ which micronises waste for faster, more complete digestion.  It emulsifies, liquefies and disperses nutrients for easy consumption by microbes. An optional mechanical concentrator treatment provides solids-separation before or after AD.

STEP 2 - Adding the BioComplex

Our proprietary additive builds vast populations of diverse anaerobic microbial populations. It feeds and protects anaerobic “workers” providing the following benefits;

  1. Ion exchange – essential for sound AD and something no other process offers. Provides immediate HS & ammonia reduction and buffers free ion inhibitors.
  2. Ideal nutrient profile for microbes – oligosaccharides and a full range of trace elements support the growth of vast microbial “worker” populations
  3. Physical gelation property disperses nutrients in digesters, further supporting microbial proliferation, creating small, healthy colonies over large, metabolite-toxified colonies.

STEP 3 - Waste Water Treatment

Our H2E process uses proprietary cristobalite biomedia which houses and holds microbes in a fixed film. It is unlike conventional digesters which give up important microbes with every digestate release.

The Biomedia is self-cleaning and never needs re-charging or replacement.  The result is an AD Plant which is smaller, faster, greener, and highly stable. If you could look inside our digesters and compare them to conventional processes.  Combining robust engineering with sound microbiology is at the heart of everything we do.

Case Study - Hendwr Farm 200kWe AD Plant

Hendwr AD Plant Case Study


Ekogea’s BioComplex product range has been certified by both FEMAS and UFAS, and is an EU certified Organic Product 

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