BioComplex for Crops

Ekogea’s BioComplex for Crops is Organic-certified bio stimulant for helping to activate, feed and protect the microbial populations responsible for rebuilding soil eco-systems.

Rich in oligosaccharides and polyuronic acids, it’s full of naturally-occurring compounds which promote a diverse and balanced environment for plant and soil health.

Benefits of BioComplex for Crops

Ekogea’s BioComplex for Crops has benefits for plants, crops, and soils:

Benefits for the Plant

BioComplex encourages stronger root growth, ensuring the plants are increasingly well supplied with nutrients from the soil.

This helps reduce deformation of the plants, prevents leaf disease, and hence improves the ripening process.

The improved physiology of the plant also boosts resistance to ‘pathogen-induced’ disease and climatic risks such as drought or frost.

Benefits for the Crops

Stronger plant physiology allows for higher yield harvests in compared to untreated plants which cannot utilise the available nutrients so well.

The higher yields do not come at the expense of quality.  Indeed the reverse is true.  There is a rise in the sugar content of the fruit, leading to more concentrated aromas and taste.

When sprayed immediately pre or post-harvest, shelf life of fruits and vegetables increase.

Benefits for the Soil

BioComplex for Crops intensifies beneficial microbial activity and carbon in the soil.  This not only increases the plant-available nutrients, but also improves soil structure and aeration, leading to improved water holding capacity, seed germination and resistance to wind and water erosion.

It also reduces the requirement for mineral fertilisers, and is 100% natural and organically certified.

Other Benefits of BioComplex for Crops

BioComplex for Crops is a 100% natural protect.  It is non-toxic, safe to handle and easy to store.

It has a shelf life of 3 years.

It combines well with other fertilisers or soil and plant treatments.

Uses of BioComplex for Crops

Ekogea’s BioComplex for Crops is suitbale for use in:

Ekogea Contracting Secures ERDF Grant

We are proud to announce Ekogea Contracting Limited has received a grant from the Agritech Cornwall Innovation Scheme, part of the ERDF’s European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 for our ongoing crop trials in Cornwall.

This partly funds costs towards specialist research to collect, test and analyse data on the benefits of Ekogea’s BioComplex 900 on crops in local soils and climate.

This will enable us to confirm the positive effect of adding this natural organic additive to improve root growth in crops and reduce the reliance on chemical fertilisers.

As a result, it will allow us to expand our business offering as well as provide new innovation to boost the agricultural technology sector in Cornwall overall.

How Does BioComplex for Crops Work?

Ekogea’s BioComplex for Crops has benefits for plants, crops, and soils:

Proprietary Extraction Process

BioComplex for Crops is made from 100% natural brown marine algae, Ascophyllum Nodosum, which is sustainably sourced from kelp forests in Scotland.

This algae has a very high natural mineral content that our proprietary biological extraction process can tap into by breaking down the cell walls without damaging the contents.

The process retains more of the vital Polyuronic Acids and higher available Oligosaccharides than any other seaweed product on the market.

Polyurnoic Acids and Oligosaccharides

Polyuronic acids are structurally the same as grey humic acids.  These grey humic acids are vital to increase the fertility of all types of soil, from sand to loam.  This promotion of robust microbial activity in soils encourages the efficient use of nutrients and converts nitrates and phosphates more effectively.

The oligosaccharides promote root growth over foliar growth enabling plants to take up and retain nutrients and water more effectively.

The BioComplex also provides a full range of trace elements and buffering compounds, ion exchangers, and poly-electrolytes.

Soil and Plants Benefit

The soil pH is lowered as excess salt is flushed out of the root zone.

Soils have improved structure, aeration, water storing capacity, all reducing erosion and other climatic risks.

The is more plant-available N, and positively charged ions e.g. Mg2+, Ca2+, Fe2+, and Fe3+.  This cation exchange capacity and stimulation of diverse microbial activity helps rid soils of heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

Semi permeable membrane creates greater osmotic pressure and nutrient uptake.

100% Natural, Certified Organic

BioComplex products are natural, certified organic products, safe to handle and easy to administer. They provide a low-cost, organic solution to crop and soil productivity.

EKOGEA’s full product line is certified ORGANIC under the European Economic Community EEC 2381/94, EG 8342007, and EG8992008 which governs organic production, labelling and control of animal and human feedstuffs.

All of EKOGEA’s products can be sold and used in the eco-systems of agriculture in all member states of the European Community without special permission.


“I would highly recommend the use of BioComplex for Crops. This is the first time we have used BioComplex for Crops and I believe it has been a very successful trial achieving 17% extra yield over two 7 hectare trial plots. The main difference has been higher yields and a more even size range with less undersize that would normally go to waste. It is also a very ‘user friendly’ product to handle and apply”

Potato Farmer Mick Rennie


Ekogea’s BioComplex product range has been certified by both FEMAS and UFAS, and is an EU certified Organic Product 

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