BioComplex for Crops

Ekogea’s BioComplex for Crops is an Organic-certified bio stimulant for helping to activate, feed and protect the microbial populations responsible for rebuilding soil eco-systems.

Rich in oligosaccharides and polyuronic acids, it’s full of naturally-occurring compounds which promote a diverse and balanced environment for plant and soil health. For use in field scale agriculture, horticulture, hydroponics, ground care and orchard/fruit production.

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The Benefits of BioComplex for Crops

Higher Yields

When plants and soils are well supplied with nutrients and nitrogen (N), the increased root system automatically allows for higher yield harvests in both quantity and quality compared to untreated plants which cannot utilise the available nutrients so well.

Crop yields

Improved Resistance to Pests & Disease

As a result of stronger plants from improved root growth and nutrient and water uptake. This improves vigour and survival in stressful conditions such as drought and ‘pathogen-induced’ disease.

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Long Term Soil Benefits

Farmers who use BioComplex for Crops regularly should notice improved land fertility over the course of 3-4 years. Soil conditions, crumb structure, water holding capacity, seed germination and resistance to wind and water erosion will all noticeably improve. The stability of the soil aggregate is maintained, and the overall vitality of soils increased.

Better Soils

100% Natural, Certified Organic

BioComplex products are natural, certified organic products, safe to handle and easy to administer. They provide a low-cost, organic solution to crop and soil productivity.

EKOGEA’s full product line is certified ORGANIC under the European Economic Community EEC 2381/94, EG 8342007, and EG8992008 which governs organic production, labelling and control of animal and human feedstuffs.

All of EKOGEA’s products can be sold and used in the eco-systems of agriculture in all member states of the European Community without special permission.

Ekogea Secures ERDF Grant for Trials


We are proud to announce we have received a grant from the Agritech Cornwall Innovation Scheme, part of the ERDF’s European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 for our ongoing crop trials in Cornwall.

This partly funds costs towards specialist research to collect, test and analyse data on the benefits of BioComplex 900 on crops in local soils and climate.

This will enable us to expand our business offering as well as provide new innovation to boost the agricultural technology sector in Cornwall overall.


“I would highly recommend the use of BCx 900. This is the first time we have used BCx 900 and I believe it has been a very successful trial achieving 17% extra yield over two 7 hectare trial plots. The main difference has been higher yields and a more even size range with less undersize that would normally go to waste. It is also a very ‘user friendly’ product to handle and apply”

Potato Farmer Mick Rennie

What does BioComplex For Crops do?

BioComplex introduces the ideal pre-biotic chemistry to microbes…

…nature does the rest


When applied to crops or soil at approximately 1:400 dilution, Ekogea’s BioComplex 900:

  1. Rebuilds soil and supports improved plant health;
  2. Increases the nutrient uptake in plants so potentially less agrochemical fertiliser is required;
  3. Facilitates better adhesion of pesticides, potentially increasing their effectiveness;
  4. Both mimics and promotes humic acid, rejuvenating soils, improving water retention and increasing the level of clay humus;
  5. Promotes robust microbial activity in soils which encourages the efficient use of nutrients and converts nitrates and phosphates more effectively. Phosphorus and sulphur, for example, are not available to plants without microbes. A more balanced soil microbiology results;
  6. Uses oligosaccharides to promote root growth over foliar growth enabling plants to take up and retain nutrients and water more effectively;
  7. Offers a full range of trace elements and micro-nutrients;
  8. Chelates (binds) trace elements of value to plants and encourages biological ion exchange, facilitating the uptake of these ions by the plants;
  9. Encourages plants to use a full range of trace elements and micro nutrients while also buffering harmful soil compounds;
  10. Cation exchange capacity and stimulation of diverse microbial activity helps rid soils of heavy metals and hydrocarbons.
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Protective and Supportive Features

  1. The gel-like consistency of BioComplex 900 provides protection to the plant as well as adhesion;
  2. Encourages the intake of pesticides and nutrients more effectively and lowers the surface tension of water improving adhesion and the distribution of pesticides, so less are used;
  3. Protects plants from dehydration and insect infestation, naturally;
  4. When sprayed immediately pre or post-harvest, shelf life of fruits and vegetables increase;
  5. Strengthens the soil’s CO2 production and plant Nitrogen (N) uptake;
  6. Polyuronic acids from marine algae have been shown (Prof S.A. Waksman) to have a molecular structure identical to those of critical grey humic acids in top soil;
  7. Generally enriches the grey humic acids in the soil which together with the increased root mass stabilizes and improves top soil fertility;
  8. Produces a better balance between harmful pests and useful microbes;
  9. Improves soil condition for long-term vitality, makes it more durable against erosion and improves sustainable production.
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If you wish to learn more about BioComplex for Crops you can download our brochure by clicking on the “How BioComplex Works” button below.

To read up about our latest case study on potato crops in Australia, please click on “Case Study” 

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