BioComplex Boost for Poultry Significantly Improving EPEF and Financial Return

Case Study on West Midlands Broiler Farm – November 2021

BioComplex Boost (also retailed as BioComplex Sanitiser) is a 100% natural and organically certified product that works on pathogens on the farm and animal housing environment by boosting positive microbes and promoting ‘competitive exclusion’.

BioComplex Boost has a cumulative effect, so the level of pathogens reduces within the animal house on successive applications to improve both physical and financial performance.

BioComplex Boost applied to the bedding or to poultry housing as a mist or spray significantly reduces ammonia in the environment as it changes ammonia into crystalline ammonium  which  improves the house and overall environment.

Broiler Chickens in Farm

Environmental Impact

Chicken litter treated with BioComplex Boost benefits the environment with reduced levels of ammonia when stored and spread to land.

Total nitrogen within the bedding remains the same, however, plant available nitrogen increases so it has greater value as a fertiliser.

It also reduces leaching and helps farmers comply with new standards from the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

The use of BioComplex Boost also improves its value as a feedstock in anaerobic digestion.

West Midlands Broiler Farm Trial

A farmer has been adding Biocomplex Boost to his poultry bedding material since October 2020. BioComplex Boost has been added to recycled Grade A woodchip at a rate of 0.5 litre BioComplex per cubic tonne of bedding at a dilution rate of 1:10 (BioComplex Boost to water).

Farm A

The above figures, comparing the 6 crops whilst using BioComplex Boost to the 6 crops previous, shows:

Extending the Trial

As a result of the improvement seen on this first farm, the owner decided to start using BioComplex Boost on more of his farms as part of his bedding program and the performance on the other farms is outlined below.

Farm B

This farm is a relatively new site and had previously struggled to get the sort of performance expected.  Results from the first 3 crops from Farm B to use BioComplex Boost have shown:

Farm C

Results from the first 3 crops from Farm C to use BioComplex Boost have shown:

The farmer is impressed with the results and continues to use BioComplex Boost as part of his bedding program.

For Further Information

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