BioComplex for Crops; Why Is It Different?

There are lots of seaweed products currently on the market, all with naturally occurring minerals and vitamins which are of benefit if sprayed on soils and plants.

Ekogea’s BioComplex, however, is unique in that the inventor – Professor Goran Dordic – has developed a UNIQUE EXTRACTION PROCESS that extracts, intact FROM WITHIN THE CELLS, two very important elements.

  1. Oligosaccharides – are very simple sugars that are ideally suited to feed organisms within the soil. They improve the soil by promoting microbial activity and root growth over foliar growth. This increases nutrient uptake and leads to a stronger plant.
  2. Polyuronic Acid – is very high in negative ions which buffers toxins and harmful soil compounds in the environment, including heavy metals and hydrocarbons.

Other seaweed extraction processes use either heat or acids in their process which damages the raw material and makes the benefit of the Seaweed less effective.

Soil Structure

How Does it Work?

The process described above ensures the polyuronic acid works alongside the oligosaccharides to ensure the organisms within the soil and plants benefit from the simple sugars through the process of COMPETITIVE EXCLUSION. This alters the balance of the soil towards the beneficial microbes and improves nutrient uptake and the health of the plant overall.

In addition, the process of CHELATION binds the trace elements and micronutrients together more effectively. IMPROVED CATION EXCHANGE CAPACITY also means the soils hold onto essential nutrients which also provides a buffer against soil erosion and acidification.

This leads to many practical benefits to both plant and soil.

Benefits to Soil

  • Rebuilds and rejuvenates soil and makes it more durable against erosion;
  • Promotes a more robust and balanced microbiology in soils;
  • Promotes and enriches humic acid content and grey humus in the soil as polyuronic acids from marine algae have similar molecular structure to humic acids;
  • Increases the level of plant available nitrogen;
  • Improves cation exchange capacity so helps rid soils of heavy metals and hydrocarbons

Benefits to Plant

  • Increases root mass and encourages efficient use of nutrients by plants;
  • Improves nutrient uptake and plants retain nutrients and water more effectively;
  • Encourages biological Ion Exchange and facilitates uptake of ions by plants;
  • Encourages plants to use full range of trace elements and micro-nutrients;
  • Buffers harmful soil compounds;
  • Converts nitrates and phosphates more effectively as a result of improved microbiology;

Further Information

BioComplex for Crops is designed for use on a wide range of commercial crops.  For further information about the use of BioComplex or to arrange a trial, please contact our UK Head of Sales, David Cosford at or 01752 424949, or see our website for further details at