Executive Summary

A farm in the West Midlands has been successfully using EKOGEA BioComplex Sanitiser on their poultry house bedding. Over the course of four crops the farm reported:

  • An increase in EPEF from 373 to 394
  • A 2% improvement in FCR
  • A 23% increase in margin
  • A significant ROI of 20:1 using BioComplex Sanitiser

Highbury poultry farm

The Theory

BioComplex works in two complementary ways.

  • Firstly, a combination of very simple sugars (‘short-chain’ Oligosaccharides) and a high level of free negative ions increases the number and diversity of microbes within the poultry house and, via the ‘competitive exclusion’ principle,  shifts the balance to the benefit of desirable microbes.
  • Secondly, BioComplex chemically alters gaseous ammonia into a non-volatile form, improving the environment within the house and the quality of the litter.  A reduction in Ammonia levels creates a positive feedback loop, as improved bird health  improves litter quality, which results in lower levels of ammonia.

It has a cumulative effect as the microbial population within the animal house changes with successive applications, leading to an improvement in physical and financial performance.

The Trial

Performance data from October 2020 was analysed over four consecutive crop cycles in four sheds each housing 45,000 birds with a total of 720,000 birds enrolled in the period to May 2021.

The bedding is recycled grade A wood chip which was treated with Ekogea’s liquid BioComplex Sanitiser by the bedding supplier before being spread in the sheds.

  • Every ton of bedding was sprayed with 0.5 litres of BioComplex Sanitiser mixed with 5 litres of water.
  • The results from the three crops were compared to an average of the results from the previous 6 crops all with similar average crop lengths.

The Data & Results

Updated BioComplex Sanitiser Trial Results

Average weight has improved by 5.5% since introducing BioComplex Sanitiser. The average weight on the last crop was 2.43 kgs which is an increase of 12.5% against the average of the previous crops without BioComplex.

There has also been a drop in FCR from 1.563 to 1.531 which equates to a 2% improvement in overall feed conversion.

The farm showed a 23% increase in average margin per m². The margin was greatest in the last crop indicating the cumulative effect of BioComplex Sanitiser over successive applications and crop cycles.

Farm average EPEF increased from 373 to 394 with the most significant improvement seen in the last crop with an EPEF of 417. This is only the second time the farm has achieved an EPEF in excess of 400. These results indicate a massive ROI in excess of 20:1. The Farmer is impressed with the results and the positive return on investment and is now using BioComplex Sanitiser as part of his bedding program on all of his Broiler Farms.

For More Information

For more information about our BioComplex Feed and Sanitiser products for Poultry and Pigs, please contact Aidan Doherty on 07443 456201, Mike Clarke on 07484 187050, or the office on 01752 710575.  Further information can be found on our website at www.ekogea.co.uk