14 Day Trial of BioComplex to Develop Gut Microbiome

CASE STUDY – A poultry farm in Somerset has recently trialled a 14 day protocol using BioComplex Feed.  Before we started, we found excessively high levels of dissolved minerals in the poultry drinking water.  We have found through our research, poor water can interfere with bird performance*.

14 Day Broiler Trial
Mineral Mg/ml
Calcium 158
Magnesium 7.72
Sodium 20.5
Chlorine 38.1
Sulphate 93.1
Total Dissolved Solids 553
Electrical Conductivity 761
pH 7.6

We decided to use BioComplex at a dose rate of 1 part BioComplex to 2500 parts water and a cost of around 1 pence per bird to help overcome these high mineral levels and allow the BioComplex to be effective. We aimed to establish a robust gut microbiome over the first 14 day period that would allow the birds to thrive beyond this period.  The BioComplex was administered to one of the houses and the others were left as controls for comparison.

Thinning House Age killed Weight (kg) Mortality (%) Rejects (%)
Control 1 & 3 32 1.86
BioComplex 2 33 2.01
Control 1 39 2.43 5.78 1.18
BioComplex 2 38 2.56 3.3 0.46
Control 3 40 2.56 5.67 0.88

Results from the first crop have shown a two day advantage in growth rate over the control houses and nearly a halving of the rejects and individual house mortality. The trial is being repeated but the results would appear to indicate a positive effect on the establishment of a robust gut microbiome.

The farm is looking forward to studying future crop performance figures and may also look to use Ekogea’s BioComplex Sanitiser product, to aid on farm ammonia reduction. Further information on BioComplex product range can be found on our website (www.ekogea.co.uk).

Contact our Animal Health Team for more information.


* Please request a copy of former research article on drinking water quality if this is of interest 

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