Why Seaweed Can Be One Of Our Greatest Allies In The Fight Against Climate Change

Seaweed already offers us so much in the world of farming and biogas, but is its use in the fight against climate change potentially its biggest benefit?

Seaweed is vital in our fight against climate change

A couple of weeks back we sent out an article about Ascophyllum Nodosum, otherwise known as Norwegian Kelp, the seaweed that we use at Ekogea as our raw material to produce all of our feed, sanitization, health, and biogas products.  As much as most of us didn’t think we’d spend our days eulogizing about how great seaweed is, the more you learn about this incredible plant, the more amazed you become.

We feel very proud that our products are 100% natural, derived from a 100% natural extraction process from a naturally occurring plant that is harvested sustainably from its natural habitat.  That alone is at the heart of the sustainable offering from our Ekogea products.  But it’s the extra benefits of supporting and promoting the seaweed industry that we should not be forgetting.

Fight Against Climate Change

Like all plants, seaweed extracts its energy from photosynthesis.  Put simply it’s removing carbon dioxide from the air or seas and pumping out oxygen.  Experiments have shown that a dry tonne of kelp can contain the equivalent of one tonne of cardon dioxide.  The removal of carbon dioxide from air and sea makes it a very natural ally in our fight against climate change and brings our increasingly acidic waters back into balance.   The increased oxygen content of the waters allow marine animals to thrive and helps to neutralize pollutant run-off from farms.

As these underwater forests grow and thrive, they also become havens for biodiversity within our coastal waters.  Marine invertebrates, such as sea urchins, return to feast on the kelp.  Fish populations return to feast on the invertebrates.  Sea bound mammals such as otters return to feast on both.  Harvested correctly, these seaweed forests could return vital life to our coastal waters.

Huge Environmental Benefit

Seaweed is clearly not as sexy and spoken about as woods and forests in conversations around the fight against climate change.  But with 70% of the world’s surface covered in water, we can not underplay the significance of the role seaweed can have.  Our continued use of seaweed in products like Ekogea’s BioComplex range provides economic benefit from sustainably established seaweed farms, an economic benefit that we can gladly allow to be overshadowed by the environmental benefit that we can all derive from having them there.

For more information on Ekogea’s 100% natural products, please contact David Cosford.

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