BioComplex Can Help Forcibly Housed Poultry Thrive During Avian Flu

Housed Chickens

Last week, increased measures were imposed by DEFRA to combat the spread of Avian influenza throughout the bird population of the UK.  Avian flu is now widespread amongst wild birds in Europe and DEFRA clearly had no choice but to order the housing of free-range birds from the 14th December to reduce the contact with the wild bird population.

With DEFRA’s decision to forcible house birds to combat the current spread of Avian Influenza, an increased awareness of bird welfare has never been more important.

For many years now farms have been encouraged to use house environmental enrichments such as bales, perches and pecking objects, vital for birds’ mental and physical welfare.  With all those additional objects (both birds and enrichment tools) in the bird house, the sanitisation of poultry houses is of the utmost importance.

Our BioComplex Sanitiser product can be applied in mist or spray form and is clinically proven to  reduce the prevalence of gaseous ammonia in the poultry house and reduce the incidence of hock burn and pododermatitis, improving the atmosphere for both the birds and farm workers.

It is also scientifically proven to help combat the Avian Flu virus.

According to Poultry Network Magazine it’s also ‘important to consider feed additives and supplements in diets and water to shore up potential gut health issues’.  Our BioComplex Feed additive does just that.

Administered through the water system, our 100% natural organic product acts with a prebiotic effect, promoting the development ofbeneficial bacteria in the birds gut.  This leads to healthier, happier birds, improved growth rates, less disease pressure, lower mortality and rejection rates, and more nitrogen-rich faeces to then use as fertiliser.

If you and your birds are affected by these issues, please get in touch with Aidan Doherty at, our Head of Poultry Health, on how Ekogea’s BioComplex can help you.