BioComplex Crop Trial with Agritech Cornwall

Ekogea Contracting Ltd are delighted to announce the award of a ERDF grant in association with Agritech Cornwall for a Crop Farm trial near Fowey in Cornwall.

Teaming up with South West Farm Consultants, Private Laboratories and Plymouth University the aim is to test the effect of adding Ekogea’s organic BioComplex 900 crop additive on three crops and two fruit systems.

ERDF Crop Funding

Aim of the Trial

The aim of the trial is to improve the microbial diversity within the soil as well as measure the improvement in crop health and resilience to disease.

A secondary programme, using the organic additive in glass houses to grow soft fruit, seeks to improve the health of the plant, the quality of the fruit produced and extend the shelf life in shops to reduce the level of wastage. The latter has significant commercial benefits to fruit growers and shops alike.

Whilst feed trials have been conducted in Europe and Australia with positive results, no trials have been conducted in the UK and no scientific research has been completed to support the claims for improved soil quality and healthier plants.

BioComplex for Crops

Soil nutrient management is becoming more important and better understood and the desire to naturally improve soil structure and the level of humic acids in the soil is key to stronger, healthier crops. As we seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions there is a need to do this organically from natural resources.

Ekogea’s Biocomplex is different to all other seaweed products which, in their own right, confer marked benefits to soils and plant health. The proprietary extraction process does not use acids to extract the algae contained in seaweed. This avoids any burning of organic matter and means the short chain C1 to C9 carbons that contain oligosaccharides are easily absorbed by soil microbes to provide a prebiotic effect. It is this prebiotic effect that the university is seeking to prove.

Trial Data

The resulting improvements in the microbial diversity of the soil will be measured along with the level of organic matter, the PH and the macro nutrients in the soil and soft fruit. An environmental DNA assessment will also show any material change in the microbiology of the fruit and soil. 

Tests will also be completed on the health and quality of the roots, stems, leaves and fruit to determine the effect of BioComplex on the plant when compared to a control crop. In the soil remediation trial the change in the microbes will be analysed to confirm the BioComplex provides a competitive advantage and any fungal and bacterial benefits.  

There are a good number of effective products available for soil remediation but none that have the broad spectrum effect of BioComplex. We look forward to analysing the results.

Further Information

For more information on the awarding of the ERDF grant, the trial, or to enquire further about BioComplex 900 for Crops and how our product can provide a sustainable solution for agriculture, please contact our Head of Sales, David Cosford by email or phone.

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