BioComplex Gains Approval From St David’s Poultry Team

The Animal Health team at Ekogea were given a great boost last week as the hugely respected poultry team at St David’s Veterinary Practice dedicated their weekly newsletter to the benefits of our BioComplex Feed ingredient.

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St David’s are one of the leading poultry veterinary practices serving the broiler, layer, game bird and turkey sectors in both the UK and Ireland.  They have long been exploring the benefits of marine algae in poultry health:

“There are some good pieces of evidence demonstrating the effect of the extracted marine sulphated polysaccharides on the immune system and improving immunity after vaccine.”

Unique Extraction Process

They go on to highlight Ekogea’s unique extraction process from the raw material, Ascophyllum Nodosum (Norwegian Kelp).  Our process preserves high levels of polyuronic acid, otherwise lost in the extraction process of polysaccharides in most other seaweed-based feed supplements on the market.  It is this vital component that leads to one of the huge upsides of BioComplex Feed, the reduction in ammonia emissions from poultry farms:

“Polyuronic acids have negative ions bound to them which discourage the growth of ‘harmful bacteria’, help neutralise harmful toxins and assist in converting ammonia in the litter to ammonium. This can help reduce ammonia emissions.”

Further Benefits

The further benefits of better gut health provided by BioComplex Feed are improved weight for age, an improved Feed Conversion Ratio, fewer rejects, lower mortality rates, and reduced levels of pododermatitis and hock marks.  At a price of just 1p per bird, this truly is a product that can move poultry farming into a more natural, healthy, and sustainable future.

“There is no doubt that extracts and distillates from different seaweeds will have beneficial effects on bird health and performance.  Whilst we can achieve these outcomes with a range of other nutraceuticals, there is no doubt that over time seaweeds and algae will be an area for innovation and a useful tool in antibiotic reduction plans on many farms.”

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All quotes from St David’s Poultry Team Newsletter – 25th January 2021