BioComplex Can Help Move Poultry Towards Zero Antibiotics by 2030

Ekogea Helping Reduce Antibiotics

We aim to keep on top of all the major talking points and stories in the poultry world.  Our hope is that our BioComplex products can help to move the industry forward in their own way.  It was, therefore, with great interest that we read Misset’s latest Gut Health release last week.  Their interview with Dutch poultry vet Peter Wijnen under the theme of reducing antibiotics use in poultry farming.

Gut Health and Housing Conditions

The article noted that, just 10 years ago, 60-70% of antibiotics were due to gut health issues in poultry.  The vast majority of that was done in a preventative rather than targeted approach.  These practices have in a short space of time become much rarer.  The use of antibiotics to treat outbreaks of disease, however, are continuing to keep the industry reliant on these treatments.

Most of those outbreaks can be traced back to either gut health or the housing environment.  The article states ‘feed and housing quality provide the key to the zero use of antibiotics by 2030’.  As much as this is a bold target, the importance of gut and environmental health cannot be understated.

The Ekogea Solution

We’re really proud to have two fantastic products in our BioComplex Feed and BioComplex Sanitiser that can help with both.  Our BioComplex Feed is empirically proven to improve gut health.  This reduces ammonia levels in faeces, and reduce the prevalence of hock burn and pododermatitis in poultry.  It also reduces the mortality and reject rates each crop.  Our Sanitiser works to reduce the levels of gaseous ammonia in the bird house, improving the living and working environment for birds and farm workers alike.

To find out more, please get in touch with Aidan Doherty via, our Head of Poultry Health, on how Ekogea’s BioComplex can help you.

Useful Links

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  • Peter Wijnen, is a vet at the Poultry Practice in Achterhoek, PPDA, in Holland
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