BioComplex for Anaerobic Digestion / Biogas
If your goals for anaerobic digestion are maximising biogas for energy, completely eliminating waste, or generating rich fertiliser for crop vitality, Ekogea provides a full range of solutions.
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BioComplex Sanitiser for Animal Housing
BioComplex Sanitiser is a natural product that when applied to the bedding or to animal housing as a fogging spray, BioComplex Sanitiser helps reduce ammonia in the sheds and faeces which in turn improves the environment of the house.
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BioComplex Feed for Pigs and Poultry
BioComplex Feed for Poultry and Pigs is a feed ingredient that, when administered via drinking water, gives increased weight gain, an improved FCR, and a vastly improved gut microbiome, resulting in healthier and stronger animals.
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BioComplex for Crops
Ekogea’s BioComplex for Crops is an Organic-certified bio stimulant for helping to activate, feed and protect the microbial populations responsible for rebuilding soil eco-systems.
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Ekogea’s BioComplex product range  offers a wide variety of solutions for sustainable agriculture.

They are 100% derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum, a common seaweed also known as Norwegian Kelp, that we source from sustainably managed and harvested seaweed farms in the Outer Hebrides on the Scottish coastline.

Our innovative and unique extraction process makes our product range stand out from all other seaweed based products on the market.

Anaerobic Digestion

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Digesters fitted with a micronisation unit dosed with our unique BioComplex additive allows for increased biological breakdown of the micronised substrate giving higher gas yields, less capital costs, and lower retention cycles giving you more profit and less headaches.

BioComplex additive provides an increase in biogas production and methane concentration. It also substantially reduces the amount of H2S, feedstock needed on site and retention times.

BioComplex also speeds up the Waste Water Treatment process, reducing COD and odour. The process is free from mechanical pumps, working with natural gravity.

Animal Health

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Using our animal health products, including feed ingredients and sanitisers, you can increase your profits from livestock farming with lower Feed Conversion Ratios, higher weight gains, and lower mortality rates, increasing your  crop rates and yields throughout the year.

BioComplex Sanitiser combats farm and environmental pathogens by boosting positive microbes and promoting competitive exclusion within the animal house environment.

BioComplex Feed improves gut health and animal growth rates. It also reduces FCR, ammonia output and pathogens. This leads to a reduced disease burden, lower farm mortality levels, lower FCRs and overall healthier animals.

Crops and Soils

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BioComplex for Crops, rich in oligosaccharides and polyuronic acids, is full of naturally-occurring compounds which promote a diverse and balanced environment for plant and soil health.

It is ideal for use in field scale agriculture, horticulture, hydroponics, ground care and vineyard/orchard/fruit production.

It is 100% natural and certified organic in the EU.  Its properties lead to stronger root growth and long term soil structure benefits.  This means consistently higher yields, improved resistance to pests and disease, and faster recovery from climatic issues such as droughts or frosts.

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